Panasonic 5kw supply and install

Supplied & Installed: $2,150.00

Only Supply: $1,550.00

This Panasonic air conditioner’s inverter allows you to cool by day or warm by night. It features a 5.0 kW cooling capacity, allowing you to remain cool, calm and collected on blistering-hot days. Plus, you can keep you and your family nice and warm with the Panasonic CS/CU-Z50XKR’s 6 kW heating capacity. It has 779mm indoor unit width, 290mm indoor unit height, and 209mm indoor unit depth. The Panasonic air conditioner has 824mm outdoor unit width, a 619mm outdoor unit height, and 299mm outdoor unit depth. Save space and headaches thanks to this Panasonic air conditioner.


  • Single story House, Town House or Apartment.
  • Outdoor unit to be placed on Brackets, Concrete Slab , PVC Mounting Blocks
  • Up to 2m of Interconnection Pipes from Indoor unit to outdoor unit.
  • 20amp Electrical Circuit up to 10m
  • Isolation Switch
  • 5 Years Labour Warranty
  • 5 Years Manufactures Warranty
  • Any additional meters $55 per meter.
  • 100Km around Melbourne
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